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CSP Group provides information computer engineering solutions while specializing in automated tools for the implementation of process management, requirements documentation, and enterprise content management systems.

MSG Router for ImageNow Mail Agent

CSP Group has introduced a new email MSG Router for Perceptive Software's enterprise content management (ECM) workflow product; ImageNow Mail Agent.  The solution gives customers the ability to respond to email messages from within ImageNow email documents by adding a copy of the Outlook MSG file to the end of an email document as it is imported into ImageNow.  The automated merge of the HTML / Text email document with the MSG file is processed with an inbound iScript on the associated email workflow queue.

For more information, visit our
MSG Router for ImageNow Mail Agent page.


Information ...


PRESS: May 7, 2012 - CSP Group releases the icetools - Reindexer for ImageNow. 


PRESS: May 23, 2011 - CSP Group releases the icetools - Merge Printer for ImageNow.

PRESS: News 3-1-2011 - MSG Router is ready for prime time.  The story behind the icetools - MSG Router for ImageNow Mail Agent.
PRESS: Press Release 1-21-2011 - CSP Group Joins the Perceptive Software Developer Network.

PRESS: CSP Group receives certification from Perceptive Software's Developer Network for the icetools - MSG Router for ImageNow Mail Agent.


PRESS: CSP Group integrates Perceptive Software's ImageNow enterprise content management (ECM) solution into the Administration Departments at FORREST T. JONES & COMPANY.

Customer Success ...


Leroy McCarty, Vice President of Operations


"The MSG Router allows our Administration Groups to continue to use Outlook to communicate with business partners but now as part of our controlled workflows in ImageNow."